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Adventure of Little Cloth

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Hello! Everyone! My Name is Little Cloth! This name was given by our little teacher. She made a Teeny-Tiny cloth doll with a small piece of cloth. So who is the cloth doll? Hey, we talked so long, can't you guess? It is me! 

This time, I will take you to enter into my adventure, together with me to experience a crazy, interesting moving adventure. Are you ready? Let's go!

To find my lord, Pingping, I had to say goodbye with my doll friends, such as little black bear, naughty monkey, Pekingese, dolly girl, tiny tiger. First, I got on the small electric train, become a driver, after that I was mistaken as a sweet potatoes, met iron spoons. But I also met my best friend--rock hen Luhua.

Watch Out! Four big evil rats came out. They treated me like desserts. When they found I was inedible, they took away my best friend, Luhua.

It's regret. I was not brave enough to remind of Luhua. So I was very sad. Until tumbler told me what is real braveness. I decided to be brave, save Luhua out of the bad rats.

How can I save Luhua on earth? Can I find Pingping finaly? What is real braveness?

Come to adventure with me. After that, you will become brave kids just like me, fear nothing.

OK! See you there!


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