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Little Tadpole Looks for its Mummy

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Mysterious underwater world, within the orphan nursery, there lived an uncle Crab who can only up to eight, a horrible Snakehead. That is the new adventure experience of Snore Yawn. This time they came into a lake, help the Little Tadpole to find his mother. Then Snore turned into a tortoise, Yawn turned into a beautiful fish. Their temper also changed together.
After a long way searching, the Frog Mama finally appeared drove away the bad Snakehead by her invincible frog legs just when they were nearly eaten by him. But, the Little Tadpole refused to accept her mother, since they looked like so different.
The following things were really unbelievable to Snore Yawn. The disobedient Little Tadpole didn't cherish this hard-won happiness at all, left his home angrily, was cheated by the Snakehead to tease other creatures living underwater, messing up the environment underwater. Frog Mama couldn't bear the naughty Tadpole, left him sadly. But little Tadpole wasn't happy, even was painful.

The horrible snakehead also had a self-contemptuous life; uncle crab was such a caring people, the innermost lake hole hided a generation secrets. Then the little Tadpole found him growing up, became brave, upright, more more like a frog. He suddenly understood that his behavior hurt his mother. But it's too late; his mother has already gone away. Under the help of Snore Yawn, the little Tadpole started to seek his mother once again. Could he find his mother back? Let's enjoy the moving drama Little Tadpole Looks for His Mummy.

The fairytale drama “Little Tadpole Looks for its Mummy” conveys the profound feeling between Frog Mama Little Tadpole. Through the moving story, we will learn that mother's love is the greatest love in the world. This show has been performed for more than 500 times moved thousands of audiences. It is known as a “great tear bomb”. The stage design, characterization garments are all exquisite. The mysterious underwater stage presents a fantastical color. It is called the Chinese version of "Finding Nemo".

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