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Introduction of China National Theatre for Children

Founded in 1956, China National Theatre for Children (CNTC) is the only national children’s art troupe directly subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. The first president of CNTC was Ren Hong.The incumbent president is Feng Li.

CNTC has borne the responsibility of inheriting, developing, creating and presenting excellent theatrical performances for the youth, played an important role of representing, demonstrating and guiding in national children’s drama. For more than half a century, CNTC has dedicated numerous classic and diverse dramas for the audience and cultivated a large number of distinguished and outstanding artists and performers for children’s drama, many of whom are winners of various prestigious art awards in China. The footprint of performance mapped all over the China, and more than 30 countries on five continent. Performances of CNTC have won wide acclaim.

1956Founded in 1956

68Years of establishment

38Performing City

192Show repertoire

For decades, CNTC has produced and staged nearly 200 exquisite works, including Malan Flower, Flying out of the Earth, A Revolutionary Family, the Young Guards, in the Name of Revolution, Yue Yun, Magic Boat, The Newsboy, Strange “101”, Twelve Months, Pavel Korchagin, Shining Stars, The Little Boy-Mao Zedong,The Creation of a World and The Moonlight Lullaby. The productions created in recent years are: Little Tadpole Looks for its Mommy,Journey to the West, Pippi Long Stocking, Little Canned Men,Three Little Pigs, The Little Truck, The Special Homework, Aesop’s Fables, the Little Prince, the Frog Prince,The Little Match Girl, Adventure of Little Cloth.

From 2012, CNTC has produced and staged Chinese Story in Pocket, Three Monks, Peter Pan, China Idiom Stories, TR-E-E, The Mermaid in East China Sea, The Red Tassel,King in Moomin Valley, Time Forest, A Little Princess, King Lear, Goats Do Not Eat the Paradise Grass, Flower Goddess,Sandpiper,Clam and Fish, The Moon Lily, The See-Saw Tree, Yeh Shen, The Little Mermaid, March in the Darkness, where is My Mommy?, The Legend of Great Wall, When A Dream Touches......, The Adventure of Firefly Sister and Brother, The Little Soldier’s Secret Mission, Newsboy, Creative Dream, The Cat in the Forbidden City etc.

In the development of the New Era, the CNTC has continued to innovate and forge ahead, created the “New Era Seed Plan”, created and rehearsed plays such as “Xin’an Travel Group”, “Young Sima Guang” and “Lights” performed by children; and created the “Blooming and Sailing” incubation program of theater & performing arts for young audience, incubating more than 20 works in rich forms for the whole society, and launched the outdoor immersive children’s drama “Rabbit Lord” and the educational drama “The Last Leaf”, comprehensively expanding the depth of TYA themes and the width of performance styles, established the “Rural Children’s Art Carnival” and jointly built the “Children's and Youth Drama Art Popularization and Promotion Center”, and shouldered a wider range of social responsibilities.

The big venue “China Children’s Art Theatre” of CNTC was named and inscribed by Comrade Soong Ching-ling, who was the Honorary Chairman of the People's Republic of China. in 2005, on the fourth floor of CNTC, a special small theatre called “Holiday Classic Theatre” was opened. The two venues are cross-echoed with classic children dramas presented to the audience every week. CNTC has already been the art palace of modern China children’s drama.

“All for Children”, for high-quality production and art talents is the persistent pursuit of CNTC.

            President:Ms. Feng Li
            Vice President: Ms. Zhao Hanbing
            Vice President: Mr. Wang Xiaosong
            Vice President: Ms. Wang Yan

Contact information:
            Address: No.64 Donganmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100006
            Tel: 010-65286617
            Fax: 010-65134116
            E-mail: cntc@cntc.org.cn

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