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Chinese Stories in Pocket

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This drama tells a series stories of Bear Family.

Oh, they are not really bears.

They just have a family name called Xiong, which means bear.

In the family, the son is natural innocent; the daughter is a little bit pretentious; their mother is always in a fog; their father is often hard to be understood.

So in their family, there are kinds of troubles making them headache.

Luckily, Bear Dad got a magic pocket, which is full of the greatest inventions---Chinese Stories. When they have troubles, some people of different stories will come out to offer suggestions, helping them to solve problems.

Later, everyone got such a kind of magic pocket. Their life becomes much happier.

Bear Son said: with this magic pocket, even I can gain enough positive energy.

Bear Girl said: with this magic pocket, finally I found my lost treasure in heart.

Bear Mom said: with this magic pocket, even a cooking mother can be attractive.

Bear Dad said: with this magic pocket, even big belly can also become a super hero.

Though life always has many nerve-racking things, we can also have our happy time.

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