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Special Homework

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One day, a teacher assigned special homework for middle school students which was required to be completed by students and their parents together; and a class meeting would be held the next day to share the feeling of doing this "homework".

The middle school students, including Long Dawei, Chen Jing, Wu Zihao, An Qiaoqiao and Zhao Yi, began to argue about this "special homework" while cleaning the classroom. Some felt confused, some doubted about it, some joked or mocked at it. Only Chen Jing, the class monitor, held a positive attitude towards this homework and said that she would finish it meticulously.

As the drama goes on, the scenes of five students doing homework with their parents with willingness or reluctance will be presented to the audience. The process of doing the "special homework" is just like a window to five families, from which we are able to see five typical scenes of family life with love and disputes.

After they finished this special homework, the emotional and spiritual communication between these parents and children was enhanced. The students therefore realised the warmth and value of family, the extensiveness and eternality of human love as well as the profound meaning and value of this "special homework".


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