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The Twelve Months

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The play is adapted from the fairy tale of the same name written by Samuil Marshak, a Russian and Soviet writer whose original had been awarded the Stalin Prize for literature. Ever Since 1980, to celebrate its 25th anniversary of establishment, China National Theatre for Children has rehearsed this play and made its national tour across the county.

This is a Russian style fairytale.A young queen requests a bouquet of snowdrop flowers for New Year's Day in exchange for a reward. The diligent stepdaughter was sent to the forest in search of April flowers in freezing cold winter, by her malicious stepmother and her greedy daughter.

The girl almost freezes to death in the forest, but she is rescued by the spirits of the Twelve Months. Touched by stepdaughter's kindness and hard-working, the spirits of the Twelve Months used their magic power tocreate spring around her. The girl is able to deliver the bouquet to the queen, but others want a share of the reward. At last, the spirits of the Twelve Months help the stepdaughter and punish the stepmother and the greedy daughter.

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