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New Play: Xin'an Tour Group

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    On May 30, the 2022 key play Xin'an Tour Group of China National Theatre for Children (CNTC), jointly created by CNTC and the Huai'an Municipal Committee, premiered (also with online streaming) in Huai'an, a prefecture-level city in Jiangsu province. The number of online audiences has reached 3.27 million.


    The children's Theatre Xin'an Tour Group is set in the current Xin'an Primary School (founded in 1929) and tells the story of the children from the campus ‘Drama Society’ rehearsing the drama Xin'an Tour Group. During the period, the teacher used the perspective of tracing history to explore the experience spirit: by using literature and art as a way to publicize the anti-Japanese struggle and save the dead and making positive contributions to liberate the motherland.


    Through the narrative script structure that travels through time and space, the whole play allows modern and historical multi-space to cross, presenting a period of juvenile spiritual history that grew up during the War of Resistance against Japan.


    The play also indicates the close relationship between every citizen and the fate of the home country, by showing vivid artistic characters to enable audiences to see and feel that they are just the same as us who have spirit and life. Meanwhile, the poetic, light and beautiful expressions reveal the concept of the true, the good and the beautiful throughout the whole process.

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