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Little Truck

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First Part: Chan-Chan-Change

Water breaker, whisk broom, sponges, brushes…… these normal things appeared in our daily life, were changed to other different things right before children‘s eyes. The actors of China National Theatre for Children play Chan-Chan-Changes in front of all the kids, let them feel the change miracles closely, bring them into interesting drama world. Come to enjoy the happy drama with us. 


Second Part: Little Truck

Little truck is a crying truck boy. He cried frequently, but he is still a lively boy, who was always ready to help others. Since he is too small, others often refused his help. Every time, he was said too small to help, he always cried.

One day, little truck met a truck grandpa, whose engine broken on the way to send drugs to little hippo in Zoo. Since truck grandpa couldn't move, little truck volunteered to send drugs for him. Then, he started his adventure travel. Will little truck finish his task successfully? Please come to watch with us.


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