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The Mermaid in East China Sea

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  Long Long Ago, a kind-hearted girl called Cai Ping went out from the Mountain to live at the Seaside, had given names to all sea creatures. But one day she was caught to the bottom of the sea by bad Dragon Prince. In order to make her stay in the bottom forever, the Dragon Prince smelted Cai Ping’s Legs to a fish tail by a Fire Dragon, made her become a Mermaid. He also ruled her that only on the 15th of each month, can she take the wave chair up to the sea, looking out her hometown from afar.


  Many years later, the story of the Mermaid has been spread as a beautiful legend. It said that the Mermaid tears can turn into pearls; also can bring the dying back to life. One day, a man called Jin Zhuzi met the Mermaid when he was collecting shells. He promised to save her back to home to help her recover to be a normal people with two legs. The Mermaid told Jin Zhuzi that only by finding universe soil on Granny Reef, can he conquer the Dragon Prince, the rescue her. Another man called Wu Zhenbao also went together with Jin Zhuzi with evil thoughts to selfishly possess Mermaid’s tears. When they nearly arrived, Wu Zhenbao pushed Jin Zhuzi down to the sea. Then a Giant Whale came out, hurted Wu Zhenbao’s leg saved Jin Zhuzi. Also with the help of Whale, Jin Zhuzi found universe soil, took Mermaid out of Dragon Palace. But to make the Mermaid have two legs, he has to gather hundreds of clams’ milk thousands of flowers’ dew for her.


  To fulfill his promise, Jin Zhuzi started his journey. Using the whole life, finally he succeeded in recovering the Mermaid, but died in her arms……

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