Tour of Cultural Exchange in America
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On the afternoon of September 30th, led by Vice President of China National Theatre for Children Ms. Feng Li, “Princess Peas” troupe including 15 people go to America start a children’s theatre cultural exchanging tour which will last 12 days.


The children's drama "Princess Peas" will be rehearsed performed by the Chinese primary school students at the Missoula Children's Theater in Montana, USA. This project has been included in the “7th Round of Cultural Exchange High-Level Consultations Result List”.


Last year, directors from Missoula Children’s Theatre China National Theatre for Children cooperated it was performed by 64 Chinese primary school students. This year, 10 kids have been chosen from 5 different schools they will be on stage with American kids together. In addition to rehearsals performances, the children will also visit University of Montana, local primary schools, museums etc. to fully experience American culture. Chinese director, interpreter, two teachers will accompany them all the time.