Spread Chinese Culture, Share Happy Theatre
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In August 28th, the report performance of “Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children” is held in Chinese Cultural Center in Singapore. The theatre is crowded by audiences for children and parents are here for a cheerful gathering. The director of Chinese Cultural Center, Ms. Ma Hongying, general editor of Eye of Singapore, Ms. He Liqin, and over 300 guests present and watch the report performance. The course of the class is closely relative to the syllabus of “Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children”. Through the “theatre comprehensive performance class”, students learn more about Chinese traditional culture and stage performance.


Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children” in Singapore relies on the high-quality educational resources and sticks to the theme of artistic education and spreading Chinese traditional culture. It focuses on instructing children to speak Chinese, tell Chinese stories and play classic Chinese children drama and targets on children and teenagers from 5 to 12 years old.

Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children” has received wide attention from Singapore since it was founded. The former foreign minister, president of China Public Diplomacy Association Mr. Li Zhaoxing once visited students in classroom and expressed his best wishes when he went to China Cultural Center in Singapore. 


Till now, “Malanhua Performing Arts School for Children” in Singapore has 66 students. After half of a year’s learning program, they have advanced into intermediate class.


This report performance is more colorful than primary period. It includes children rhymes, traditional literature reading, poetry reading and short drama. From the host to every single performance are all completed by students themselves. Students wear the blue and white porcelain and make all parents and audiences surprised and joyful.


The theme of this report performance is “Happy Childhood”. It is composed of two periods. The first one is language based training and the second one is about a short drama named “Sweet and Sour”. What is worth to be mentioned is that the average age of all students is about 5 years old. But they have really done a good job on learning languages, body languages, action and stage performance. Their bravery has moved all the audiences and parents.






Through the study of poetry and short drama, children have increased their interest in performance and traditional culture. They also have learnt how to combine interest and study.