Malan Flower
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The Malan Flower is a traditional Chinese fairy tale. “Malan Flower, Malan Flower, you fear neither wind nor rain, the industrious person is speaking to you, please bloom right now…” Beautiful Malan Flowers were blooming across the Malan Hill. The industrious girl Xiao Lan married the flower god Ma Lang (the two names altogether is homophonic to “flower” in Mandarin). They lived on Malan Hill with Grandpa Tree many lovely animals, earning their own livings with their hands. However, all this invoked the jealousy of a greedy old cat. In order to get the magic aster, he exploited the jealousy of Xiao Lan’s sister killed Xiao Lan. Under the leadership of Ma Lang, animals defeated the wretched old cat took the magic aster back. From then on, the magic Malan Flower on Malan Hill would bloom only for industrious people ever.

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