Dragon Child
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    This is a story about growth survival. A story without any words but can exchange feelings with each other. Communicating between eyes eyes, soul touching from heart to heart, the magic Chinese Zodiac has witnessed the cycle of life.


    A child was given birth by a dragon grew up gradually under the care of the twelve zodiac animals. Lived a wonderful time for 12 years, the rooster woke up the morning, the sheep kept her warm, the rat helped her to stand, the dog taught her to walk, the tiger taught her to speak, the rabbit taught her to listen, the monkey taught her to write, the pig played with her, the horse taught her to be brave, the snake ox helped her to build a small house —so the child had her own home, she planted a small flower —then the child had learned to love.


    But when human taking steps towards civilization, some disharmonious problems have been accompanying. With the heavy traffic, the rubbish production, the radiation pollution the water shortage, the source of life is declining. The child’s favorite little flower has withered, the animals 'homelwas disappearing. They are trying to find their past happiness, trying to change the terrible reality. Their yearning battle cry reverberated across the land. The sincerity of the animals the tears of the child called up the introspection of human beings, woke up the sleeping nature. The dragon flew again, moisturized the world with the flowing fountain. Everything recovery, the spring returns to the land, the little flower is blooming again, just like a small but warm smiling face. Love life, protect the nature cherish the love the warmth that we have already had .No matter what we are, we will hear the most melodious sounds of nature in a harmonious world.


    The Dragon Child is directed by the world-famous director Peter Wilson from Australia, who was also the director of the opening ceremonies of the Sydney Olympics the Doha Asian Games. The drama combines live performance with 2D 3D animation together, showed the story through artists as well as puppetries. This drama has integrated classic modern, philosophy thoughts child interests. It is really an excellent children’s drama shouldn’t be missed since it’s filled with international feeling, but without losing essence of Chinese traditional culture.

    Since its first debut, The Dragon Child has been to many countries to performance, such as Vietnam, Australia, Mexico, USA, Japan Columbia, etc, gave all the local audience a profound beautiful memory attracted local society media’s high attention, winning wide acclaim appreciation.

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