The Chinese Idiom Stories Successfully Travelled In Taiwan
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    Invited by the Zhou Kai Theatre Foundation of Taiwan, organized and dispatched by the China Friendship Association of Culture Circles, the crew of China National Theatre for Children (CNTC), leading by the Vice-president Feng Li, starts their 12-day, performance trip to Taiwan.

   From November 30 to December 11, the crew will visit 5 cities and perform 7 shows of Chinese Idiom Stories. Most venues are school halls and basketball gymnasium, so it means the stage setting is a challenge in every show. But the crew is willing to overcome any difficulties to give the children in Tanwai a wonderful show.

    The 1st stop is Shin-gang Primary School in Singang Township of Chiayi County. On December 1, the principal Shen Shuzhen, on behalf of all students and teachers, granted a Certificate of Appreciation to all members of the crew from CNTC.


The Crew of Chinese Idiom Stories in Shin-gang Primary School 


Students of  Shin-gang Primary School watch the show


The Pricipal of  Shin-gang Primary School Granted the Certificate of Appreciation to the crew of Chinese Idiom Stories


    The 2nd stop is Dounan Elementary School of Yunlin County. On December 3, 700 students and teachers watched the performance. In the end, the principal of Dounan Elementary School also conferred a Certificate of Appreciation to all members of crew and cast.

The crew in Dounan Elementary School of Yunlin County


    The 3rd stop is Alishan Junior High and Elementary School. On December 4, the crew came to the activity center of the school, which is comparatively small and simple stage, making the props hard to be set. At last, the show gave an excellent performance and added some interactivities with students. It is can be said as the most flexible shows according to the local conditions. Most students in this school are minorities; they expressed their high interests on the show.


The Crew arrived at Alishan Junior High and Elementary School    


Students of Alishan Junior High and Elementary School enjoy the show


    The 4th stop is in Gaoxiong Yida Paradise. On December 6, the Chinese Idiom Stories had its show in the Gaoxiong Yida Paradise. The capacity of this theatre is 1800 with the width of 20 meters and the proscenium 18 meters, which is huge for a small theatre drama. All crews made a adjustment to fit for the performance and the props. The performance got an unexpected welcome from the local audience.


Children and parents watch the show in Gaoxiong Yida Paradise 


The performance is undergoing and we hope all children in Taiwan enjoy our show.