Visit the Bucharest Children Comic Opera Theatre
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    On November 12, during the Bucharest Children Theatre Festival, Mr. Lei Xining, the party secretary of China National Theatre for Children (CNTC) and 2 staffs, visited the Bucharest Children Comic Opera Theatre (BCOT). The president Ms. Felicia Filip of BCOT gave a warm welcome to their visit and invited them to watch the Ballet of Cinderella for Children.


Ballet of Cinderella for Children 


    After performance, Ms. Filip showed the Chinese guests around the grand theatre (424 seats) and small theatres (120 seats), and introduced the condition and performing achievement. It has a large number of comic dramas, such as musical Magic Flute, Peter Pan, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella and the Little Match Girl, which are popular in Romania. It still holds art workshops regularly, inviting celebrated artists to teach art for children and young people.

    Mr. Lei introduced CNTC and the China Children’s Theatre Festival. He also welcomed Ms. Filip to come to Beijing had bring funny or humorous shows to Chinese children.


 Mr.Lei Xining with Ms. Felicia Filip and other Chinese staffs


The Bucharest Children Comic Opera Theatre