The Fifth China Children Theatre Festival is coming
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Approved by the Ministry of Culture,jointly hosted by China National Theatre for Children, together with Dongcheng District Committee and Government and ASSITEJ China, the 5th China Children’s Theatre Festival will be held from July 10th to August 26th, 2015.
On the theme of "Light Children's Heart and Shape the Future--Colorful Chinese Dream", the festival is trying to show various kinds of culture and art from different countries, helping Chinese audience to learn more about the world. It aims to promote the development of world children drama and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation.
The 5th China Children’s Theatre Festival will last for 48 days, gathering about 43 excellent drama works of 27 art groups from more than 7 countries and districts, such as China, American, Romania, Japan, and Finland, etc., with 194 shows and more than 15 drama activities , which will benefit more than 160 thousand audiences.
China Children’s Theatre Festival has been successfully held four sessions since 2011. Through excellent international drama performances and communications, children’s drama seminars and various drama activities, China Children’s Theatre Festival has become an important window to display domestic and foreign drama achievements; provided a great platform to promote the developments and communications, as well as a new bridge to gather strength and supports.
“All for children” is the persistent pursuit of China National Theatre for Children, as well as the core ideology of China Children’s Theatre Festival. Let’s meet in the magnificent stage for China Children’s Theatre Festival, with arts, sincerity and responsibility, to lighten children’s heart, fly their dreams and strengthen our international friendship and cooperation.