The 4th China Children Theatre Festival will Open On July
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    Jointly hosted by China National Theatre for Children, together with Dongcheng District Committee and Government and China Children’s Drama Society, the 4th China Children’s Theatre Festival will be held from July 11th to August 28th, 2014. The theme of this Festival is "Light Children's Heart and Shape the Future--Beautiful Chinese Dream". Through excellent international drama performances, children’s drama seminars and various drama activities, the Festival will promote art education and popularize children’s drama knowledge for young teenagers, making them experience the love, beauty and kindness in arts, thus to enlighten their mind, mold their character and shape their future.

    Compared with previous, the 4th China Children's Theatre Festival presents such characteristics:

More activity programs, richer contents and wider participation than before

    The 4th China Children’sTheatre Festival will last for 49 days, gathering about 44 excellent drama works from China, America, Sweden, Spain and Taiwan District, etc, with 219 shows and more than 15 drama activities , which will benefit more than 150 thousand audiences.

    More Plentiful drama performances more diversified artistic form

    The 4th China Children’sTheatre Festival will exhibit various drama shows, not only domestic, but also international, including traditional China ancient stories, as well as world classic fairytales. All the performances presented in the Festival are in different art forms, for example, multimedia show, 3D cartoon show, puppetry show, acrobatic show, etc, which will make a happy and significant summer vacation.

     High art quality, low ticket price, sticking to public welfare, building a world-influential and international charismatic children’s drama brand

    The 4th China Children’sTheatre Festival will provide part of free tickets for Special Children who rarely entered in theatre, such as alien workers’ kids, orphaned and disabled children, letting them have opportunity to enjoy the great summer culture feast.

    “All for children” is the persistent pursuit of China National Theatre for Children, as well as the core ideology of China Children’s Theatre Festival. Let’s meet in the magnificent stage for China Children’s Theatre Festival, with arts, sincerity and responsibility, to lighten children’s heart, fly their dreams.