Holiday Classic Theatre
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Holiday Classics Theater is located in the fourth storey of China Children’s Art Theater, where is a site presenting exquisite dramas for parents children throughout the years accommodating 205 seats (including extended seats), owning advanced stage equipment such as acoustic lighting equipment, etc., allowing the spectators to experience in the real sense the communication with the actors a high artistic appeal. Since April 2005 when it opened to outside formally, it has presented a series of elaborate works of children’s drama to spectators successively, including Tour of Andersen, The Tadpoles Look For Their Mommy, New Year, Hans in Lucky, Cinderella, Transfer!Little Jeep, The Brothers Grimm the Magic Forest, Musical City of Red Sofa, The Three Little Pigs, Plaza of Magic Cube, Tin Boys, which are warmly welcomed by children parents, has endowed the fairy tale classic works with the ages connotation let children feel the unique charm of drama art. Holiday Classics Theater puts the classic stories at all times all over the world onto the drama stage by means of fixed performance time, relatively fixed performance mode, varied diverse performance style a list of plays or operas updated quarterly.

“Holiday Classics Theater” is a brand-new exploration of China Children’s Art Theater in the art creation field also is the fairylof enjoying arts of children.