China Children Art Theatre
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China Children's Art Theater located in No.64 Dong’anmen Avenue, Dongcheng District, and in the busy area of Wangfujing Commercial Street, China Children's Art Theater is the only State level children art theater of the Ministry of Culture directly subordinate to the State. Comrade Soong Ching Ling once personally inscribed the name for China Children's Art Theater. Over the last half-century, China Children’s Art Theater has shouldered the mission of spreading advanced culture and irradiating the mind of children and adolescents and has dedicated numerous classic drama works to children.

China Children’s Art Theater boasts the advanced facilities such as programmable photocontrol device, surround sound, high peak power acoustics equipment, the stages whose rotation and lifting are controlled by computer, which is the theatrical performance site enjoying high popularity domestically and having gained wide recognition of spectators. There are totally 723 seats in the two storeys of seats for spectators of the theater, which is suitable for drama performance and concert, etc.. Over the recent years, China Children's Art Theater has received more than one hundred art performance groups coming from home and abroad.

China Children’s Art Theater in the starlight looks like the fairy tale castle of Baroque style, presenting one an another mysterious and magnificent fairy tale world to the spectators, and its gorgeousness and beauty helped many children fancy what they want to see.

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