Feng Li Takes the Role of President of ASSITEJ China Centre
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        Elected by the presidium meeting of the ASSITEJ China Centre, Feng Li, the president of China National Theatre for Children, now officially takes the role of President of ASSITEJ China Centre.

        Yin Xiaodong, the former president of China National Theatre for Children, was transferred to other institution &_ no longer served as the president of the ASSITEJ China Centre.


Resume of Feng Li
        Feng Li, writer as well as playwright, graduated from the Department of Drama Literature at the Central Academy of Drama (China). She is also a visiting professor &_ a supervisor of postgraduate students in the Central Academy of Drama.
        Her main play-writing works include: Children’s Theatre, modern dramas, musicals, nearly 300 episodes of TV series, &_ novels &_ other literary works.
        As the leading figure with influential importance in the field of drama in China, she has won more than 20 domestic &_ international professional awards including Cao Yu Theatre Award for writing of China Theatre Awards.