New Play : The Adventure of Firefly Sister and Brother
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On 14th September, the creation team of the new play The Adventure of Firefly Sister and Brother was formed, which is a big venue show. It will be staged on 19th December, celebrating the Christmas Day the New Year's Day. It is a new year present for all children in China.



The Art Director and scriptwriter, Mrs. Feng Li said : “The inspiration of this show is from a piece of news——poverty alleviation in Dalei Mountain, Hubei Province. The Dalei Mountain was the habitat of firefly before , but with the overuse of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, the fireflies die out fast and the local peasant still can not shake off poverty. After that, under the guidance of a scientist, the village ecological environment totally changed. Fireflies come back......  

Tickets for the performance will be issued soon, please stay tuned!



Translated and edited by Sun Ming