Love Wishes via Theatre---Online Carnival Celebration for Children’s Day
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Combining with China Central Television, China National Theatre for Children is organizing planning an online program called Love Wishes via Theatre which will be showed at 7:30pm on May 31th(CST) to celebrate Children’s Day on June 1st. The program includes four parts: Theatre Night, Best Wish from Famous Stars,Online Love Spreading Online Singing. We hope children can enjoy arts, dedicate their love spend a happy meaningful Children’s Day together. Also during this special COVID-19 situation, we’d like to pay tribute to the frontline medical workers, expressing our appreciation. We hope more children their family can be more interested in theatre by watching this program. 

Theatre Night: People can enjoy outstanding performances from China National Theatre, China Welfare Institute Children’s Art Theater, Xi’an Children’s Art Theater Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Drama Co., Ltd., Wuhan People’s Art Theater Co., Ltd., Tianjin Children’s Art Theater, Qingdao Drama Theater Co., Ltd. Etc.Meanwhile, there’s also presentation of beautiful city views specialties from the 7 cities. 

Best Wishes From Famous Stars: We can also hear best wishes from special Guests including leaders artists from those theatre companies, as well as famous TV movie stars such as Cheng Fangyuan, Fan Zhibo, Gao Lu, Guo Xiaodong, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Huang Xiaoming, Lao Lang, Song Jia, Tao Hong, Tong Liya, Wu Gang, Xu Yajun, Yao Chen Zhang Xinyi etc.

Online Love Spreading : Audience can press ‘like’ while watching live program, so we can provide free performance tickets to children of frontline medical workers from child welfare home. We will also provide free tickets for audience.

Online Singing: Children from differnet parts of China as well as professionals of children’s theatre, medical workers, police officers deliverymen etc. will sing the song Let The World Filled With Love, to pay tribute to all people who have made contributions on the frontline or behind the scenes during the virus situation. With their efforts, our world will be better. 

Please save pic as below scan code through the pic by App 抖音, adding 中国儿童艺术剧院 to see online show.