To Celebrating the National Day! Chinese Childrens Art“Tr-e-e”Received the International Award!
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It is comes a good news from International Festival of Contemporary Animation Theatre ImPuls held in Romania during celebrating the People 's Republic of China's 70st birthday .The realistic theme, one-man show the Tr-e-e created by Feng Li, who is a national first-level screenwriter of China National Theatre for Children, won the "Best Contemporary Drama Screenplay" award  was ranked at the top of the drama festival's list of winners at the  just -completed 15th Bucharest International Animation Theatre Festival.


 “Tr-e-e” performance photo

This is the first time to get the international award of Chinese realistic theme children's drama. It is also get the “Best Nomination Award”  for the 25th Subotica International Children's Theatre Festival in Serbia in September 2018 which after then Three Monks . Sandpiper, Clam & Fish After winning the “Best Stage Art Award” at the 14th Bucharest International Animation Theatre Festival in Romania in November 2018, the third international award won by China National Theatre for Children, it was also get the first artist’s personal international awards.


Winners of the 15th Bucharest International Animation Theatre Festival

(Red box text: Tr-e-e was Awarded "The Best Contemporary Drama Screenplay" , created by Feng Li, Chinese Children's Art Theatre)


Feng Li (Party Secretary Vice President of CNTC), Zhao Li(Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in

 Romania), Zhou Min, Director of the Chinese Cultural Center, Mocano (President of the Tandalika Animation Theatre)

his wife , watched the performance took photos with the performers


 Tr-e-e performance scene ,the performer has interacted with the local Romanian audience