30 Artists from Vietnam Youth Theatre Visited CNTC
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On May 18th, led by Nguyen Si Tien, vice director of Vietnam Youth Theatre and vice president of Vietnam ASSITEJ Centre , 30 Artists visited CNTC. With a warm welcome, Mr. Yang Fan, vice president of CNTC, showed the Vietnamese artists around the theatre.


After the visit, focused on creations, performances, international communication and art education of CNTC, Mr.Yang Fan also emphasised the‘three steps’concept, which means our mission starts from the oversea exchange of personnel to performance,and finally to co-producing in international communication and cooperation.

Nguyen Si Tien, Vice director of Vietnam Youth Theatre, expressed his appreciation to CNTC. With the same aim of ‘All for Children’ and a 10-year-old friendship from 2009, he expected further communication   between two theatres.