New years new play Seesaw Tree of CNTC
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On the afternoon of November 6th, the British classic children's play Seesaw Tree, produced by CNTC jointly produced by Chinese British children's drama artists, held its group meeting in the conference room on the fourth floor of the theatre.President of CNTC Yin Xiaodong, Vice-President of CNTC Feng Li, Shan Zenghong, Zhao Hanbing all the creators, actors heads of relevant departments of the Seesaw Tree participated in the group meeting.



Seesaw Tree is the original play of David Wood, a British national treasure playwright for children. The seesaw tree is an old oak tree.The play tells that a group of people discuss whether to cut down the 300-year-old oak tree, Mr. Du Zhi, an environmentalist, shows them what devastating effects it would have on the tree-dwellers.


By telling about the animals'fear, tenacity having to evacuate from the trees, the play awakes everyone's awareness of environmental protection, conveys a strong concept of environmental protection with interesting deduction euphemistic education.

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As the last new play of CNTC in 2018, Seesaw Tree will premiere in China Children's Theatre on December 22nd. It will present a New Year's greeting gift to children with 20 performances in the first round.