Live Forecast: ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering will open soon
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ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2018 will be held in China for the first time from 18-24 August 2018. As the “Olympic” of world TYA, ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering is one of the most important events for all the practitioners in TYA field. Now, we have so many international guests gather together in Beijing to experience glorious Chinese culture share international artistic achievements.

Themed on “Imagining the Future”,  ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2018 will welcome more than 500 international delegates, including representatives of ASSITEJ national centers, networks artists, cultural managers, researchers theatre professionals from 46 countries to participate.


Since the preparatory work started from last October, we have received 426 submissions from 56 countries; finally selected 18 productions of 16 art groups from 11 countries to be performed during the Artistic Gathering. In the coming week, there will be variety of activities, including 53 theatre performances, 3 ASSITEJ Artistic Encounters, 21 workshops from China Abroad, 2 multicultural dialogues between East West, Next Generation Programme, TYA Theme Summer Camp, China Day Event, ASSITEJ Asian Work Meeting, International Children’s Book Fair TYA Photo Exhibition, etc. All the participants will have chance to experience glorious Chinese culture to appreciate the wonderful artistic achievements of world TYA.

The Opening Ceremony of ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering will be held at 19:15 on August 18; meanwhile, the opening show “Little Mermaid in East China Sea” will be staged after the opening ceremony, which is much anticipated is hard to get a ticket.


But don’t worry if you can’t come to the theatre. We will do an online broadcast in Youku. You just need to log in Youku Live channel, search “ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2019 Opening Ceremony Opening Show”, you can watch the Opening Ceremony the “Little Mermaid in East China Sea” online synchronously.