CNTCs New Production Sandpiper, Clam Fish Holds a Seminar
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CNTC's new production Sandpiper, Clam Fish, after its first successful premiere the following 10 shows as the first round on 18 June, holds a seminar on 20 June, 2018 in the Art Gallery of CNTC.

President of CNTC Mr. Yin Xiaodong seven experts from the Art Committee of CNTC including Zhong Yibing, Ouyang Yibing, Li Fazeng, Huang Weijun, Liu Ping, Chen Chuanmin Lin Weiran present at the seminar.


Deputy President Ms. Feng Li, who is also the sript writer of this production, together with Director Wu Xu, Stage Puppet Designer Feng Lei, Light Designer Zhang Wei, Costumes Designer A Kuan, Physical Designer Zhao Ke, Pupper Designer Director Wang Lei as as well as all the actors colleagues from the Creation Department also attend the seminar.

The seminar is hosted by Deputy President Ms. Feng Li.

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