Childrens play adapted from renowned authors book to open a theatre festival
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Children's author Cao Wenxuan's award-winning novel "Goat Do Not Eat Heaven Grass" has recently been adapted for the stage. The new drama will be shown to mark the opening of a children's theatre festival in Beijing.

The book centers on the hard life adventures of a boy named Ming Zi who left his rural country home to find work in a big city. The book doesn't hide the tragedies sorrows that children may suffer in life.

The show will formally open the 7th China Children's Theatre Festival on Friday evening.

Director Zha Mingzhe says the play centering on a disadvantaged group is quite thought-provoking doesn't suit children of all ages, but likely targets teens aged 13 to 17.

The China National Theatre for Children has proposed establishing a system of graded children's plays, divided into three age categories: 2-6, 7-12 13-17 respectively.

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