CNTC has been invited to The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress International Theatre Festival for Children Young People
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The Cradle of Creativity (16-27 May) comprises a Festival, a Conference a World Congress, all dedicated to theatre for young audiences. The multi-layered event is hosted by ASSITEJ South Africa, will take place in Cape Town at multiple venues. In partnership with the National Arts Council of South Africa, this will be the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress International Theatre Festival in the 52 year history of ASSITEJ International the very first on the African continent.

Three Monks of China National Theatre for Children has been invited to the festival here is some information from the website of the festival.

Three Monks (China)

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China National Theatre for Children

Direction: Ernan Mao

Script: Xing Mu

Design: Juntao Yang

Performance: Xiaoming Liu, Yan Tang, Jingbo Hu, Zijing Wu

Three Monks is adapted from a Chinese fable story, a children’s story. Every one of us has a childhood full of laughter happiness. The artists will unfold this interesting story through body languages, which will reminds us of the most beautiful unforgettable period of time.

The performance tells such a story that “One boy is a boy; two boys half boy; three boys no boy”. It is well-known in China. The story is simple, yet it has the philosophy of unity cooperation. It also reflects the sincerity among people harmony between man nature. The performance integrates traditional Chinese opera, martial arts many other classic elements of Chinese culture. This will certainly make audiences feel the charm of Chinese culture.

Venue: Baxter Theatre 

Thursday 25 May 14h00

Friday 26 May 19h30

Saturday 27 May 11h30 16h30

Duration: 85 minutes

Recommended Age: 3-6 years old