China National Theatre for Children (CNTC)

Founded in 1956, China National Theatre for Children (CNTC) is the only national children's art troupe directly subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People's Republic of China. The first president of CNTC was Ren Hong.
Borne the responsibility of inheriting, developing, creating and presenting excellent theatrical performances for the youth, CNTC played an important role in representing, demonstrating and guiding in national children's drama. For more than half a century, CNTC has dedicated numerous classic and diverse dramas for the audience. Numbers of outstanding artists and performers from CNTC have been highly awarded for artistic contribution in China and the world.

Over the past decades, CNTC has created and performed many excellent theatrical works at home and abroad, Such as Malan Flower, Family of Revolutionaries, The Young Guards, In the Name of Revolution, Yue Yun, The Magic Boat, The Newsboy, Here is the Yard, Twelve Months, Pavel Korchagin, Twinkling Stars, Zhi Yazi, Goddess Patching the Sky-hole, The Moonlight Lullaby, etc. Plays written and performed in recent years include The Little Tadpole Looks for its Mummy, The Dragon Child, Journey to the West, Pippi Long Stocking, The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Little Tin Kid, Little Jeep, Three Little Pigs, Little Truck, Special Homework, Aesop's Fables, Little Prince, The Frog Prince, The little match girl, Adventure of Little Cloth, Chinese Story in Pocket, Three Monks, Peter Pan, Chinese Idiom, TR-E-E, The Mermaid in East China Sea, The Red Tassel, The King in Moominvalley, Time Forest, A Little Princess, King Lear, Goat Does not Eat Paradise Grass, Fairy of the Flower, Snipe & Clam & Fish, The Moon Grass, The SEE-SAW TREE, YeH-Shen, The Little Mermaid, March in the Darkness, Where is my Mummy Etc. Our shows have been toured in all provinces of China, more than 20 countries on five continents in the world, and built national and international reputation.

Our large venue called ‘China Children Art Theatre’ was named and inscribed by Soong Ching-ling, the former honorary chairman of the People's Republic of China. In 2005, a new studio theatre called ‘Holiday Classic Theatre’ was opened on CNTC building’s fourth floor. Every week, the two theatres are cross-echoed with classic children dramas presented to the audience, in the ‘Art Palace’ of modern China children’s drama.

CNTC is continuously working on the production of children’s theatre with creation, profession, and the pursuit of ‘All for Children’. 


    Party Secretary and Vice President:Ms. Feng Li ( in charge of the theatrework)
           Vice President: Mr. Shan Zenghong,
           Vice President: Mr. Yang Fan

    Vice President: Ms. Zhao Hanbing

    Vice President: Ms. Yu Xiaoyan

Contact information: 

    Address: No.64 Donganmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100006  
           Tel: 010-65286617

    Fax: 010-65134116